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Marta Pochynayko



(1997 ), (2004), (2010).

Translated by Tamara Sliota

Illustrated by Zenovia Yuskiv

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The emotional filling of Marta Pochynaykos poetry does not brim over to be wasted.
Strange though it may seem, emotion in lyrics can hardly be dosed or overdosed! The author has a keen sense of balance, as natural as breathing or hearing measure is treasure. Really,
why should one spill the precious elixir of poetry out of the brimmer while some of it could be saved for other goblets! It makes me fancy a euphonic chime of the noble rock crystal.

Victor Palinsky
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The genre of lyrical miniature is, generally, a free unrhymed verse that was formed mainly as opposed to what Paul Verlaine called belleslettres, light literary writing embellished with a common set of figurative means, very often too sweet to be true Plus sonat, quam valet.
The genre chosen by Marta Pochynayko is similar to graphics first and foremost, in legibility of touches; trustworthy, with no reservations or half-tones while addressing the reader, or rather, the spectator because here we deal with visual poetry in which thoughts and feelings are embodied in a laconically-shaped image... The reader will enjoy the legato music (images are conveyed chiefly by associations and state of mind); moreover, the very arrangement and exposure of the poetic message is a manifestation of laborious strain of soul: it is only human to carry humbly ones heavy burden along the road of purification, fighting, chiefly, ones own self

Andriy Sodomora
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Her poetry is strictly rational, moved by spirit and intellect, and however paradoxical it might sound, it is keenly sensile and psychologic. Most significant about it is an instant of contact with the energy of kindred spirits, with the unfathomable soul of our folks, and this philosophy of cordiality can move to tears not the author alone: My easy-tempered heart shed tears of joy.
Bogdan Chepurko

² ˲ Marta Pochynayko FLOWERS OF TEARS

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